A Prayer [var. of 'O Thou Dread Power']*

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MS Details

ID: 10

Repository: National Library of Scotland

Call No: MS 661

MS Title: A Prayer [var. of 'O Thou Dread Power']*

Type: Verse

Paper Details

Paper: Laid

Dimensions (mm): 285H 163W

Chain Lines: 6

Chain Width: 1"

Chain Direction: Vertical

Countermark: GR


2 sheets of paper stuck together, with last 2 verses on 2nd leaf stuck to 1st. Trimmed edges. 3 horizontal folds approx 3 1/4". Ink on paper. Burns's hand.

Previously recorded information:
"The MS in the National Library of Scotland may be the original version left by Burns at Loudoun; it was given to the Library by Louisa Lawrie, a descendant of the minister." Kinsley, Poems K132

3 parts ms *variant of 'O Thou Dread Power' with different first line which later later reappears as first line in 'A Grace After Dinner'/'Grace after Meat', publ. Edinburgh Evening Courant 1789. Ms includes 1 holograph poem plus 1 later sheet paper with various notes in different hand. Cf. Entry 11.

Reference: K132; cf. K267

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