To John Richmond

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MS Details

ID: 12

Repository: National Library of Scotland

Call No: MS 98

MS Title: To John Richmond

MS Date: 9 July 1786

MS Year: 1786

Type: Letter

Paper Details

Paper: Laid

Dimensions (mm): 315H 200W

Chain Lines: 8

Chain Width: 1"

Chain Direction: Vertical

Watermark: Britannia


Single sheet of paper. Burns autograph. Ink on paper. Various hands notes in Margins. Address on back and remains of wax seal, docket title by another hand. Addressed to "Mr John Richmond / Clerk to Mr William Wilson / Writer to the Signet / Edinr"

Previously recorded information:
H1: Note about date. "Poet Burness-/ Mossgiel- / 9 July 1786 H2: Note on provenance on ms: "Presented to "Mr [James] Grierson of [Daly****?] this 15 Janry 1817 by John Richmond." [H3?] on the date given on ms: "This gives the date of printing the first edition by Wilson at Kilmarnock" [etc. See ms and images for further marginalia]

Various notes on ms in other hands concerning e.g. the date of the ms submitted to printer John Wilson (poem was probably written in first half of 1780s) plus a note on provenance. See Ferguson Roy Letters I: "Cunningham, 1834. Here collated with the original MS. in the National Library of Scotland. The MS. is slightly torn and the letters in brackets are wanting. It is docketed by Richmond: 'Poet Burness—Mossgiell 9 July 1786 Ansd 14th'."

Reference: Letters 33 (2)

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